What You Need to Know

Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities

Charter of Students' Rights, Articles 7-8
- The University has an obligation to maintain safe and suitable conditions of learning and study.
8 - The University has an obligation to ensure that adequate measures are taken to protect security of students on University property.

Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, Article 21(b):
Where a student’s conduct gives rise to reasonable grounds to believe that the student’s continued presence is detrimental to good order, or constitutes a threat to the well-being of others, the Disciplinary Officer may order the student excluded from any or all parts of the University premises. The student so ordered shall immediately leave and remain away from the University premises so designated for a period not exceeding five days. The order to exclude may be extended for good and valid reasons for an additional five days. However, within three days of the extension or of a new order to exclude relating to the same events(s), the Disciplinary Officer must obtain the majority approval of a Subcommittee of the CSD, consisting of the Chair or Vice-Chair, Dean or Associate Dean of Students, and a student member.

Where the exclusion may affect the student’s completion of academic work, the taking of an examination or participation in University-related duties, the Disciplinary Officer may order special arrangements as to time and place for the completion of such work.

University Safety

  • McGill's University Safety team works with the entire McGill community to promote a safe and healthy environment for everyone.


  • McGill's Walksafe team provide an empowering alternative to walking or taking public transportation alone at night. Our patrol teams will walk anyone, anywhere on the island of Montreal.
  • Night Route Map [.pdf]
    A map indicating the safest routes through McGill's Downtown Campus after dark. 

Who You Can Talk To

What Else You Can Do

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