Name and Address Changes

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View/Update your contact information

To view/update your permanent and mailing addresses and phone numbers:

  1. Log into Minerva
  2. Select the Personal Menu
  3. Click Addresses and Phones
  4. Select either "Mailing" or "Permanent" from the Type of Address to Insert drop down menu (note: neither an “Alternate Student Billing” nor a “Business/Organization” address constitutes an active address, and hence will not be considered valid).


  • The “Until This Date” field is not mandatory; if you are unsure of the end date for your address, please leave this field empty.
  • Make sure to click "Submit" when entering changes or selecting a "Type of Address to Insert".
  • Per Quebec tax regulations, you must have a valid and active mailing address on record in order for you to have access to your Revenu Québec and Revenue Canada tax slips. It is extremely important for you to complete this information in Minerva as soon as possible.

Emergency Contact Info: It’s important for McGill to have contact info for you in the case of an emergency, so please be sure to complete the Emergency Contact section found under the Personal Menu in Minerva.

Your name

General information

At McGill, a student is registered under their legal name as it appears on their legal documents, such as a birth certificate or study permit, that have been provided to the University. This name will be used on documents such as an official transcript and diploma.

Fixing accents or punctuation

Minor changes to your name can be done by clicking Name Change in Minerva under the Personal Menu.

Your preferred first name

For information about your preferred first name please click here.

Correcting/changing your legal name

In order to correct or change the legal name on your student record, you must:

  1. Complete a Personal Data Change form (sections A&B) located on the Forms page
  2. Provide us with a copy of the appropriate legal document with the correct name (if we don't already have a copy)
    => The list of acceptable documents is listed in the Calendar under the Legal Name section
  3. Submit the completed form and copy of the legal document by email attachment (PDF or TIFF format) to servicepoint [at] (subject: Personal%20Data%20Change) (Service Point)