All Student Funding services are being handled remotely.

Award Cancellation

Inform students of the following prior to cancelling an award:

  • When a disbursed award has been cancelled, the student is charged the amount in their McGill Student Fee Account.
  • Please be sure to remind the student that they will need to pay the amount on their e-Bill before the due date in order to avoid penalty charges.
  • The student must make the payment via internet banking, the same way that tuition and fees are paid.
  • Notify the student to go into Minerva, and verify their Account Summary by Term because any and all changes made are dynamic and will show their immediately.
  • Remind the student to request an amended T4A (if the payment cancellation falls within the previous tax year).


To cancel (and/or reduce) award payments, complete and submit a Cancel/Reduce Payments form.


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