Listen to this year's GHRI Student Committee and Faculty members discuss how they became interested in global health, and activities planned for the year!



The Global Health Rehabilitation Initiative (GHRI) is a student led initiative supervised by the GHRI committee and faculty co-leads.

The GHRI provides unique opportunities for students to be involved at many levels and in various capacities; from attending meetings with faculty members, active involvement in the GHRI committee, and the different student groups. 

It is an opportunity to share knowledge and exchange perspectives on global health in rehabilitation, work on train the trainer initiatives, and learn about experiences in fieldwork (OT) and clinical (PT) placements on the intersectionality of global health, rehabilitation and disability. .

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GHRI Student Committees 2021/2022

GHRI Subcommittee 

Rose Elekanachi PT, MSc

Noemi Tito, MSc PT Student

Tiffany Te, U3 PT Student

Olivia Cardillo, MSc PT Student

Shaun Cleaver PT, Ph.D. (Faculty Advisor) 

GHRI Student Committee

Noemi Tito MSc PT Student

Rose Elekanachi PT, MSc 

Ella Sivilla U1 OT Student

Marylaine Hamanji U3 OT Student

Mariama Keita QY PT Student

Stacey Han U1 PT Student

Erin Keough MSc PT Student,

Catherine Styoles QY PT Student

Ahlam Zidan Pt, PhD Student


Olivia Cardillo MSc PT Student

Shaun Cleaver PT, PhD
(Faculty Advisor)

Tiffany Te U3 PT Student

Éloïse Bélanger U2 OT Student 



GHRI Committee

Olivia Cardillo U3 PT Student

Shaun Cleaver PT, PhD

Rose Elekanachi PT, MSc

Crystal Garnett PT, MSc

Matthew Hunt PT, PhD (co-lead)

Raphael Lencucha OT, PhD (co-lead)

Ana Maria Moga PT, MSc. (co-lead)

Monica Slanik, BSc, BSc(OT)

Laurie Snider OT, PhD

Caroline Storr, MBA, OT, erg. 

Lucille Xiang U3 PT Student

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