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What is SKILLS21?

SKILLS21 is a new skills development program for undergraduate students at McGill. It aims to provide students with opportunities to become contributing global citizens in the 21st century.

It includes an expert-selected set of workshops designed to facilitate transferable skills.

Future extensions to the current program are in development, and include opportunities for application of the learned skills as well as knowledge creation.

What are the workshops? Can I see a list of currently available workshops?

The workshops are designed and facilitated by our partners. Each workshop provides students with the opportunity to develop a new skill through practice and reflection. A list of current workshops can be found on myInvolvement.

Can my workshop be specific to one discipline (e.g., Medicine)?

All SKILLS21 offerings are available to all undergraduate students regardless of their discipline. Your content should be applicable and accessible to students. If your content is discipline-specific you will need to make this clear in your workshop title and description (e.g., Stress Reduction for Medical Students). Students from outside the discipline may still decide to participate in the workshop.

Can I apply my workshop to multiple streams?

Yes. Many of our workshops cover skill areas found in multiple streams.

What are the benefits to running a workshop/being a partner?

As a SKILLS21 partner, you will help students across all disciplines develop skills beyond their academic studies. SKILLS21 will help to promote your workshop and make it accessible to students across campus. 


Providing a workshop

Who facilitates workshops?

Our partners decide who will facilitate their workshop. Facilitators are typically McGill professors, staff and graduate students.

How do students register for the workshops?

Students can see a list of all SKILLS21 workshops on myInvolvement. They will register for the workshop through its myInvolvement page. 

Is there a time limit for workshops?

Workshops can be as short as 1 hour, or as long as a weekend. If your workshop runs longer than two hours, ensure there are breaks during the workshop.

Where can I find information to help me plan and run my workshop?

The SKILLS21 Facilitator Guide is specifically designed to support our partners in planning, creating, promoting, and delivering their workshops.  

How do I get feedback for my workshop?

There are two typical methods for collecting feedback after a workshop: 1) paper form, and 2) online survey.

Paper form. You can distribute a paper feedback form with 5-10 minutes left in your workshop and ask participants to fill out it and hand it back before they leave.

Online survey. You can collect feedback through online tools (e.g., LimeSurvey) by creating a survey and sending the link to your participants after your workshop.

Examples of paper forms and online surveys will be found in the SKILLS21 Facilitator Guide

If you would like more in-depth feedback on your facilitation skills, you may request that a colleague observe one of your workshops and provide thorough feedback to you afterward.

Can I request volunteers to help run my workshop?

Yes! You can request volunteers through Campus Life and Engagement.

How do I get help with technology?

If you need help before your workshop, please consult our Partner Resources page. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the Guide, please contact IT Services.

If you need help during your workshop, press the Audiovisual Systems Help (Hotline) button found on the classroom telephone.


myInvolvement and the co-curricular record (CCR)

What is the CCR?

McGill’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that recognizes student involvement in learning opportunities outside the classroom.

The McGill CCR has four sections:

  1. Personal and Professional Development (e.g. workshops, research lectures, etc.)
  2. Campus and Community Engagement (e.g. volunteering, mentorship, tutoring, etc.)
  3. Student-Led Initiatives (e.g. student government positions, SSMU services, etc.)
  4. Activity-Based Awards and Fellowships (select awards that are not recognized on the academic transcript)

For more information, see the Co-Curricular Record page and https://www.mcgill.ca/involvement/ccr.  

What is the difference between myInvolvement and the CCR?

myInvolvement (involvement.mcgill.ca) is McGill’s online portal for student involvement. It is where registration for SKILLS21 workshops and other events takes place, and contains information about a wide variety of learning opportunities outside the classroom.

A co-curricular record (CCR) is an official document that recognizes students’ involvement in eligible McGill involvement opportunities. The purpose of the record is to highlight students’ learning outside the classroom. Students can view, customize, and print their CCR at any time by signing in to myInvolvement.

Students who participate in SKILLS21 will receive recognition on their CCR for each workshop they attend and each stream they complete.

Do I have to use myInvolvement? How do I put my workshop on myInvolvement?

Yes, all SKILLS21 workshops must be listed on myInvolvement. For information and instructions regarding myInvolvement, please see the SKILLS21 Facilitator Guide and the myInvolvement user guide.


Can't find the answer to your question? skills21 [at] mcgill.ca (Contact us)!



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