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Follow these easy steps to have your workshop attendance recorded on your Co-Curricular Record

Step 1


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Register for SKILLS21 & RSVP for workshops on myInvolvement.

Step 2


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Your workshop attendance will be recorded on myInvolvement.

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Workshops and stream recognition will appear on your CCR.



Co-Curricular Record FAQ

What is the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?

McGill’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that recognizes student involvement in learning opportunities outside the classroom.

For more information, visit the Co-Curricular Record webpage.

How do I get a stream recognition on my CCR?

First ensure that you are registered for SKILLS21. Once you are registered for the program, register for and attend 5 workshops that are within a particular stream. Once you have completed these five workshops, your stream recognition will appear on your CCR.

Keep in mind that the CCR is updated periodically - workshops and stream recognition will appear there by the end of the semester.

If you are already registered for SKILLS21, you can see your progress towards stream recognition in your path on myInvolvement*.

*If you have multiple paths on myInvolvement, select "SKILLS21" from the dropdown menu to see your stream progress.

Do I have to choose a stream to get recognition on my CCR?

You do not need to focus on a stream in order to have a SKILLS21 workshop appear on your CCR. All you need to do is register for SKILLS21, RSVP for the workshop through myInvolvement, and attend the workshop.

However, by completing five workshops within one stream, you will get a special stream designation on your CCR.

I attended a workshop but it's not appearing on my CCR. What do I do?

Your workshop attendance and stream progress will appear on the SKILLS21 path on myInvolvement as soon as the unit offering the workshop has confirmed your attendance. This can take a few days.

The co-curricular record is updated periodically. Your workshop attendance and stream completion will appear there by the end of each semester.


More questions?

Visit the Co-Curricular Record Webpage.


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