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Graduate Certificate tuition & fees

Find current fees for your residency type on the McGill Student Accounts website. Be sure to pro-rate your fees based on your number of credits. Note: the University reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published scale of fees.

The MISt Tuition & Fees page shows the fee scale based on 24 credits for your reference.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students are charged tuition fees at the per credit rate and will be subject to student society fees, student services fees, registration and transcript charges, and IT charges. 

Residency status

Students must prove their status as Quebec student or non-Quebec Canadian student, otherwise they will be charged at the international rate. Students who are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada, and who wish to qualify for the Quebec tuition fees, must also provide proof of Quebec residency.

Please see McGill Enrolment Service's Legal documents pages for complete information on required documents, including deadlines for submission.