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Advising & supervision

The following are resources to support advisors and supervisors at SIS.

For all advisors & supervisors: Helping Students in Difficulty, Office of the Dean of Students.


Advisors should be familiar with resources on the GPS Teaching & Advising Graduate Students pages. Articles & additional resources can be found on McGill's Academic Advising pages.

Links to current MISt and PhD student handbooks are found on the Current Students page.


All thesis supervisors are expected to be familiar with the following resources:

  • Graduate Supervision: GPS guidelines & regulations, best practices, workshops, and more.
  • GPS also hosts Supervision: Graduate and Postdoctoral Support, McGill’s website of over 40 pages of research and evidence-based guidance for supervisors and supervisees. Its focus is on practical advice that can help readers to avoid common problems in supervision and to help students complete their degrees without delays.

All postdoctorate supervisors are expected to be familiar with the following GPS resources:

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