Graduate teaching and supervision

This section contains resources to help you design and implement graduate courses, and advise graduate students regarding their coursework.  While your department is your primary source for information concerning course objectives, content and delivery, this section outlines general policies including requirements for course descriptions and evaluations. There is also information and required forms for exceptional cases: incomplete coursework and extensions, and student adjustments, including transfer credits, course substitutions and exemptions.   

You should be aware of the registration process, dates and course offerings for students in your department including policies on withdrawal, student leaves of absence, and registering for full or undergraduate courses. There are forms in these sections to which you may need to direct students or which you may need to file on their behalf.  As research is integral to coursework, we additionally encourage you to be aware of the guidelines relating to research and exams.

Professors and advisors are often asked by students to write reference letters. Please refer to our guidelines on writing successful reference letters to aid you in this process.



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