Math and stats discussion groups, one on equity and one on pedagogy

18 Sep 2023 03:00
6 Dec 2023 03:00

Equity discussion group

What: weekly 1h meetings on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in the mathematical sciences and related fields. Typically, someone does a short informal presentation, followed by discussion.

Who: anyone interested (faculty, grad or undergrad students, postdocs etc)

Where and when: Wednesdays 3:05pm-3:55pm in BURN 1234 (first meeting on Sept 20).

Noah Marshall (McGill University)

4 Oct 2023 13:00

Title: A History of Random Matrix Theory

Abstract: I will give a history of random matrix theory. I plan to focus on the people and institutions in which the field grew and try to give some background on what motivated the specific ideas and concepts to arise at the time they arose

Maxime Bourque (Université de Montréal)

4 Oct 2023 15:00

Title: The thorny search for a spine.

Alon Nishry (Tel Aviv University)

6 Oct 2023 10:00

Title: Outliers in Coulomb-type particle systems.

Nathaniel Sagman (University of Luxembourg)

6 Oct 2023 14:00

CRM-Montreal-Quebec Analysis Seminar

Title: Minimal surfaces in symmetric spaces.


Nathaniel Sagman (University of Luxembourg)

6 Oct 2023 14:00

Title: Minimal surfaces in symmetric spaces

Zhou Zhou (University of Toronto)

6 Oct 2023 15:30

Quebec Mathematics Sciences Colloquium

Title: Auto-regressive approximations to non-stationary time series, with inference and applications (2023 CRM-SSC Prize Lecture)

Giovanni Migliorati (Sorbonne University)

6 Nov 2023 16:00


Stable high-order cubature formulae for integration in arbitrary dimension


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