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Remote learning in Fall 2020

More from Redpath Museum events

Bird Protection Quebec (BPQ) exhibit @ Redpath Museum

4 Aug 2017 13:45
31 Dec 2020 13:45

Bird Protection in Quebec started 100 years ago to prevent hunting on Mont Royal. Check out the display honouring the work of this group, and the renovations of the Quebec Biodiversity Exhibits.

With generous support from Bird Protection Quebec (BPQ).  

Museum's fossil plant on the road for Canada 150

29 Sep 2017 09:45
29 Sep 2020 09:45


"COVID and More" with Guest Dr. Paul Offit

24 Sep 2020 14:00

The speed of COVID-19 news is fast-paced as is the search for a treatment. Which is why Dr. Paul Offit, Professor of Pediatrics and Director of the Vaccine Education Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is back on this week's "COVID & More".

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Online Cutting Edge Lecture in Science: Freshwater Futures for Canada and the World

24 Sep 2020 18:00

Special Homecoming Cutting Edge Lecture. Presented via Zoom license through McGill's Youtube channel, this free webcast will feature a powerpoint presentation by John Pomeroy (FRSC Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Geography & Planning, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change, Director, University of Saskatchewan Centre for Hydrology).

Virtual Homecoming event: Online tour of building stones and fossils

26 Sep 2020 10:00

Join us for a guided walking tour of the fossils and secret spots found in the walls of some of downtown Montreal's proudest institutions. The virtual tour is accessible via ArcGIS StoryMaps on your phone, tablet or desktop. This one hour online guided tour starts at the geological rock garden outside the Redpath Museum and ends with the old red sandstones weathering on the walls of the Maison Peter Lyall on Crescent Street.

Virtual Homecoming event: Trees of McGill University Online Tour

27 Sep 2020 10:00

Join us for a virtual walk through McGill's leafy legacy accessible via ArcGIS StoryMaps on tablet, phone or desktop. This one-hour online guided tour offers a serene stroll focusing on the astounding botanical heritage of the McGill downtown campus.

"COVID & More" with Guest Dr. Debbie Schwarcz

1 Oct 2020 12:00
8 Oct 2020 13:00

Dr. Debbie Schwarcz is back on this week's "COVID & More" with the OSS to discuss Quebec's actions with respect to school openings, school reopenings, thoughts on a 2nd wave, flu season, and where we stand when it comes to COVID-19 preparedness as the colder months approach.

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Virtual online Cutting Edge Lecture in Science: Slow and fast earthquakes

15 Oct 2020 18:00

Slow and fast earthquakes - from plate boundary faults to hydraulic fractures

By Yajing Liu (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University)

Freaky Friday: From Beer to the Bicentennial – how research and life mash up

16 Oct 2020 12:00

By Gérald Cadet (Director, McGill Bicentennial)

Trottier Public Science Symposium "In Whom Do We Trust" featuring Anthony Warner & Wendy Zukerman

26 Oct 2020 12:00

This is the age of the pandemic. And that is truly terrifying. But it is also the age of the “infodemic,” and that too has some chilling features. We are relentlessly bombarded by a tsunami of information, the reliability of which is often questionable, especially when the source is social media.

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Virtual online Cutting Edge Lecture in Science: Interrogating free-ranging birds using cutting-edge techniques

12 Nov 2020 18:00

By Kyle Elliot (Canada Research Chair in Arctic Ecology, Natural Resource Sciences, McGill).

Freaky Friday: Surviving Africa - My work with the McGill Africa program

13 Nov 2020 12:00

By David Green (Redpath Museum)

Virtual online Cutting Edge Lecture in Science: The Force Is Strong Within Us

10 Dec 2020 18:00

By Christopher Moraes (Canada Research Chair in Advanced Cellular Microenvironments, Dept. Chemical Engineering, McGill) 

Freaky Friday: Debunking common tick myths (in English)

11 Dec 2020 12:00

By Kirsten Crandall Joint Ph.D. candidate in McGill Dept. of Biology with Dr. Virginie Millien and Dr. Jeremy Kerr (University of Ottawa)

Talk title: Fact or fiction: Debunking common tick myths

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