Soup and Science (February 26 - March 1, 2024)

26 Feb 2024
1 Mar 2024

Undergraduate science students: Learn about cutting-edge research over lunch with cool profs.

Soup and Science starts at 11:30 AM each day, February 26 - March 1, 2024

Seats are limited, so don't be late. Come for the soup; stay for the science!

Workshop: Creating a Shiny dashboard in R

27 Feb 2024 10:30

Workshop Overview: As part of the data science life cycle series in R, this workshop will introduce you to creating a dynamic website to display your analytical results and data sets. The R shiny package allows you to create nice-looking interactive dashboards.

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Chemical Society Seminar: Muthiah Manoharan-Living in the World of Nucleic Acids Therapeutics: Challenges and Opportunities

27 Feb 2024 13:00

Synthetic small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are potent inhibitors of gene expression. These molecules are perfect examples of biomimetic chemistry as synthetic siRNAs act through the natural RNA interference (RNAi) pathway.

MSSI Sustainability Research Collective - Downtown Meetup

27 Feb 2024 16:00

An opportunity to (re)connect with fellow graduate students and postdocs as we grow our community of sustainability researchers here at McGill. We will also share updates about the MSSI Collective Fellowship, an exciting new opportunity coming this spring.

Open to all McGill graduate students and postdocs that are working on - or interested in - sustainability research. Refreshments will be provided.

Registration is mandatory, please use the link below.

TSI Trivia Night: Eclipse Edition

28 Feb 2024 19:30

Calling all McGillians!

Introduction to Zotero

29 Feb 2024 11:30

Zotero is a free and open source software that enables you to organize your research, create bibliographies and insert citations or footnotes in your assignments. This workshop will introduce participants to the main functions of Zotero.

School of Computer Science Distinguished Alumni Series: Jade Raymond

1 Mar 2024 14:30

An incredibly successful pioneer of the video game industry, Jade Raymond is President and Founder of Haven Studios. After graduating from McGill, she joined the games industry as an engineer turned producer and entrepreneur. Haven was acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2022, establishing the first PlayStation Studio in Canada.

Nuit Blanche at the Redpath

2 Mar 2024 18:00

We look forward to welcoming you to the Redpath Museum for the 21st edition of Nuit Blanche. Dive into the darkness of the museum (bring your torch!) and discover our exhibitions after dark. Illuminate the secrets of ancient civilizations, our dinosaur fossils, and our specimens of animal biodiversity. Come and meet our special guests! An evening you won't want to miss!

Nuit blanche- Periodic Dreams

2 Mar 2024 18:30

The dreamworld is a place full of wonders where the laws of reality are turned upside down! Join a dreamer on their quest out of slumber as they encounter dazzling colours, mesmerizing lights, and wake with a BANG! Experience the journey with us this Nuit blanche at McGill University in the Department of Chemistry.

6:30 p.m. (English), 7:30 p.m. (French), 9 p.m. (English), 10 p.m. (French)

Workshop: Introduction to Data Visualization in Python

11 Mar 2024 10:00

Workshop Overview: In this workshop, students will learn:

- The different types of plots depending on the characteristic of their data/variables

- How to plot by group

- How to assign different aesthetics (size/color/shape/etc)

- How to refine their plot (title/axis labels/legends)

- How to save their plot in their local machine


- Introductory knowledge of Python

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Workshop: Acquiring data from the internet in R

12 Mar 2024 10:30

Workshop Overview: The internet is full of data that you can use for your analysis. As part of our data life cycle series, we will introduce you to efficiently retrieve data from the internet. We will look into downloading files, using APIs, web-scraping, and downloading feeds.

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Chemical Society Seminar: Russ Algar

12 Mar 2024 13:00
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Herbert Jasper Lecture: Brain Processes for Evaluating & Learning from Rewards

12 Mar 2024 16:00

The Neuro's Herbert Jasper Lecture was established in 1989. A distinguished figure in neuroscience, Herbert Jasper pioneered the use of electroencephalography (EEG) a technique that he largely introduced to Canada and helped to develop into an essential neuroscience tool. In collaboration with Wilder Penfield, Jasper employed EEG to find the source of seizures in epilepsy and in other brain disorders.

Workshop: Genetic Meta-Analysis

13 Mar 2024 10:00

Overview: Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have led to the identification of thousands of genetic variants associated with diseases such as type-2 diabetes and hypertension.  However, discoveries were made only after very large samples were collected and analyzed.  Because of confidentiality restrictions on individual-level data sharing, such large samples were often reached by combining GWAS summary results from multiple cohorts using meta-analysis approaches.  In this

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EPS Seminar Series: Dr Sara Knox

15 Mar 2024 11:00
Dr Sara Knox Geography, McGill 


Friday, March 15  11: 00 am FDA 232 


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