William Dawson Scholars

This is a list of the current William Dawson Scholars at McGill University. William Dawson Scholar appointments begin on May 1st and last for five years.

Information about the William Dawson Scholar program can be found on the page: James McGill Professor / William Dawson Scholar Program.

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Looking for James McGill Professor Listings?
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Name Faculty Department Start/Renewal (R)
or New (N) Year
Adamowski, Jan Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Bioresource Engineering 2017
Azoulay, Laurent Medicine Oncology & EBOH 2017
Baggot, Rosemary Science Psychology 2017
Baumgartner, Jill Medicine EBOH & IHSP 2017
Bergthorson, Jeffrey Myles Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2014
Bertone, Armando Education Educational & Counselling Psychology 2015
Blome-Tillmann, Michael Arts Philosophy 2016
Bouffard, Francois Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering 2016
Cai, Yang Science Computer Science 2016
Duncan, Lindsay Education Kinesiology & Physical Education 2017
Fewer, Mark Schulich School of Music Performance 2015
Friscic, Tomislav Science Chemistry 2015
Furuhata, Yuriko Arts East Asian Studies 2015
Guastavino, Catherine Education Information Studies 2012/2017(R)
Hickey, Gordon Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Sciences 2014
Huang, Aiyun Schulich School of Music Performance 2014
Huising, Ruthanne Desautels Faculty of Management   2016
Jones, Russell Medicine Physiology 2014
Jung, In-Ho Engineering Mining, Metals & Materials Engineering 2012/2017(R)
Lefsrud, Mark Gregory Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Bioresource Engineering 2015
Liu, Xue Science Computer Science 2014
Majewski, Jacek Andrzej Medicine Human Genetics 2015
Maloney, Alexander Science Physics 2007/2013 (R)
Mégret, Frédéric Law Law 2016
Moodie, Erica E.M. Medicine Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health 2015
Mussbacher, Gunter Engineering Electrical and Computer 2017
Overholtzer, Lisa Arts Anthropology 2016
Pelc, Krzysztof Arts Political Science 2014
Pineau, Joelle Science Computer Science 2015
Piper, Andrew Arts Languages, Literatures & Cultures 2014
Popescu, Monica Arts English 2015
Poschke, Markus Arts Economics 2015
Pouliot, Vincent Arts Political Science 2011/2016(R)
Rabbat, Michael G. Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering 2016
Rees, Tobias Medicine Social Studies of Medicine 2017
Rentschler, Carrie Arts Art History & Communication Studies 2010/2015(R)
Richards, Brent J. Medicine Medicine 2015
Ristic, Jelena Science Psychology 2012/2017(R)
Shor, Eran Arts Sociology 2014
Siegel, Peter Medicine Medicine 2014
Sinha, Vandna Arts Social Work 2016
Stevenson, Lisa Arts Anthropology 2015
Strumpf, Erin C. • Arts
• Medicine
• Economics
• Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health
Whalen, Joann Karen Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Sciences 2010/2015(R)
Vedel, Isabelle Medicine Family Medicine 2015