Matthieu Chemin

Associate Professor

Department of Economics
McGill University
Stephen Leacock Building, Room 419
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Tel.: 514-398-4400 Ext. 09050
Fax: 514-398-4938
E-Mail: matthieu.chemin [at]


Prof. Chemin is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at McGill University. He is also the creator of Elimu (EvaLuation IMpact Unit, means knowledge in Swahili), a Kenyan NGO which undertakes the rigorous evaluation of development projects in order to identify the most effective ways to reduce poverty. Elimu uses randomized experiments to achieve this goal. Since 2006, Elimu has been involved in the impact evaluation of three different programs: community-based microhydroelectrification, health insurance, and legal aid.



Professor Chemin's research focuses on exploring the conditions conducive to economic growth and development, such as:

  1. the quality of institutions (judiciary)
  2. infrastructure (electricity), and
  3. markets (credit, health insurance, labor).

He uses rigorous microeconometric techniques on secondary data, or data collected by our research team in the field.

His current research project examines health insurance and poverty in Kenya. In a rural community, he is implementing randomized interventions to understand the decision to take up health insurance. In a slum of Nairobi, he is also implementing a randomized experiment that will measure the causal impact of access to health insurance on access to health care, health, occupational choice, poverty and stress.



PhD in Economics (2007): London School of Economics

Recent Publications:

Behrens, K., and M. Chemin, M. (2018), “Confidential Peer Review and Effort in Teams: Evidence from a Field Experiment”, Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Human Resources.

Chemin, M.. (2018). “Judicial Efficiency and Firm Productivity: Evidence from a World Database of Judicial Reforms”, Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

Chemin, M. (2017). “Informal Groups and Health Insurance Take-up Evidence from a Field Experiment”, World Development, forthcoming.

Archambault, C., Chemin, M., and J. de Laat. (2016). “Can Peers Increase the Voluntary Contributions in Community Driven Projects? Evidence from a Field Experiment”, forthcoming at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (132A): 62-77

Chemin, M, and N. Sayour (2016). “ The effects of a change in the point system on immigration: evidence from the 2001 Quebec reform”, Journal of Population Economics 29: 1217