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McGill-Concordia Laboratory of the Quebec Inter-University Centre for Social Statistics (QICSS)

Conveniently located on McGill campus on the 3rd floor, Peterson Hall (3460 McTavish St. H3A 0E6). For more information on how to gain access to the lab, see here
Canadian Research Data Centre Network The Canadian network of 31 secure sites that gives access to researchers and students to Statistics Canada confidential survey and administrative data. The CRDCN also supports training and knowledge transfer activities.
Québec InterUniversity Centre for Social Statistics/ Centre InterUniversitaire Québeçois de Statistiques Sociales

Includes both CRDCN and CADRISQ labs, thus access to data from both Statistics Canada and the Institute de la statistique du Québec, also provides training, funding, seminars, conferences and other activities. Location of labs at l'Université de Montréal lab, l'UQAM-INRS, l'Université de Sherbrooke, and l'Université Laval.

Population Change and Lifecourse Change - Strategic Knowledge Cluster Canadian network of demographers, some funding for research and students, supports research and knowledge mobilization. The cluster ended in 2015. Web archive only.
Statistics Canada Surveys, Data, and Reports

Searching Statistics Canada survey information, metadata and codebook, and previous publications

To search previous publications, and links to StatCan description and metadata, search HERE (QICSS/CIQSS). For just metadata-codebooks see HERE (DLI Nesstar version). To search by variable, study or keyword see HERE (Odesi version).
Institute de la statistique du Québec Surveys, Data, and Reports
Canadian Population Society Academic society, annual conference, newsletter, See Links and Resources for information on Canadian demography departments and programs, provincial statistical/ demographic offices/agencies etc. 
Association des démographes du Québec Québec academic and professional society, newsletter, journal, and annual conference (at l'ACFAS). See also their Links and Resources for additional international population links


Population Resources - International

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Association of Population Centers Links to all major Population Centres in the US
Resources page of the IUSSP Links to major international networks, associations, agencies and research centres
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