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For those considering graduate study on population research-related topics in sociology, economics, epidemiology, public health, geography, social work, or related social and health sciences, CPD student membership can complement your graduate studies and strengthen your research skills. Student membership, as described below, typically takes place when:

1) a student takes the CPD Population Dynamics graduate option and/or

2) a student is working with or under the supervision of a CPD faculty member.

Please see the CPD Membership tab to see the three different categories of membership and information on how to register.  

To see current student activities, see tabs to the left on student presentations and student successes. See also student training for advanced methods options and student funding tab for funding and office space options through CPD.

Current Students

There are several ways for current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to engage with the Centre on Population Dynamics (CPD):

CPD Membership

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in population studies research are encouraged to join the Centre on Population Dynamics as a member. Effective September 19th, 2014, there are three student categories of membership:

CPD trainee
CPD student member
CPD research affiliate
To register

Membership Benefits

Students from all three categories are welcome to the following:

Weekly Social Statistics and Population Dynamics seminar series. The SSPD seminar series brings in renowned researchers from major universities and research centres in Canada, the US and beyond to present on a broad range of population-related topics. Each week, the CPD arranges opportunities for CPD students to have one-on-one or group meetings with the speakers to discuss research and research career questions.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as to attend the seminars and participate in seminars' lively discussions;
Research. Wherever possible, CPD students are integrated into CPD individual and team research projects;
Training. The CPD provides student practice sessions for upcoming conference presentations and training on specialized topics. Past training events have included grant-writing, seeking post-doc opportunities and spatial analysis.
Presenting research results.  CPD students are encouraged and supported to present and report on their research results to key audiences through academic papers, conference presentations and posters.
Networking and news. CPD student members are registered with the CPD student list-serv, which provides students with the latest news, events, training, jobs, post-doctoral fellowship, research and internship opportunities in population research.
Conference funding. CPD student trainees are eligible to apply to the CPD for some modest conference travel funding.

Three Student Membership Types

1. CPD Trainees

Masters' or Ph.D. students;
Registered in the Population Dynamics Option;
Work under the supervision of a CPD member, and;
Attend at least 5 Social Statistics and Population Dynamics seminars/year;
Will participate in other CPD events, list-serv and other activities;
Will have priority access to grant support, travels funds, and training opportunities.

2. CPD Student Members

Undergraduate, Masters’ or Ph.D. students;
Work under the supervision of a CPD member;
Participate in CPD seminars, events, list-serv and other activities; but
Not enrolled in the Population Dynamics Option.

3. CPD Research Affiliates

Post-doctoral fellows or other researchers (i.e. Sauvée Fellows);
Engaged in population-related research;
Supervision by a CPD faculty member is not required;
Participate in CPD seminars, talks, events, list-serv, and other activities.

To register for any three of these options, click here



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