Weekly seminars

Winter 2018

January 2018

Paul Grootendorst

Paul Grootendorst, School of Public Policy and Governance, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto

"Trends in medical cannabis use in Canada, 2001-2016"


Jan. 24, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

Hiroaki Matsuura

Hiroaki Matsuura, Provost & Vice-President (Academic), Shoin University

"Constitutional social and environmental human rights and child health outcomes in 15 Latin American countries" 


Jan. 31, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

February 2017

Marie Connolly

Marie Connolly, Department of Economics, Université du Québec à Montréal

"Social Mobility Trends in Canada: Going up the Great Gatsby Curve"


Feb. 7, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

Jon Unruh

Jon Unruh, Department of Geography, McGill University 

"Establishing Claims for Land and Property Restitution During the Syrian War"



Feb. 14, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

Christopher Rauh

Christopher Rauh, Department of Economics, Université de Montréal

"Socio-Economic Gaps in University Enrollment: The Role of Perceived Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Returns"


Feb. 21, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

Michael Baker

Michael Baker, Departments of Economics, University of Toronto

"The Short and the Tall of the Returns to Height"


Feb. 28, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

March 2017

Hawre Jalal

Hawre Jalal, Department of Health Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh

"Modeling the changing dynamics of the opioid epidemic in the US"


Mar 14. 1, 12-1 PM Leacock 429



Sandip Sukhtankar, Department of Economics, University of Virginia

“General Equilibrium Effects of (Improving) Public Employment Programs: Experimental Evidence from India”


Mar. 21, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

Hans-Peter Kohler


Hans-Peter Kohler, Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania


Mar. 28, 12-1 PM Leacock 429

APRIL 2018
Claudia Olivetti Claudia Olivetti, Department of Economics, Boston College

"Mothers, Peers and Gender-Role Identity" 


Apr. 4, 12-1 PM Leacock 429