Weekly Seminars

Social Statistics & Population Dynamics Seminar series


Winter 2020

January 2020
Statistics Canada
Image by Statistics Canada.
Statistics Canada presentation and round table The Future of Social Science Data Collection and Use in Canada   January 22, 12-1PM, Thomson House Ballroom
Anna Zajacova Anna Zajacova, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Western Ontario Higher Education and Health Among US Adults: Patterns, Anomalies, Explanations and Open Questions   January 29, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
February 2020
Joshua Lewis Joshua Lewis, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Université de Montréal The Value of Health Insurance during Crises: Effects of Medicaid Implementation on Pandemic Influenza Mortality   February 5, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
Heather Sarsons Heather Sarsons, Assistant professor, School of Business, University of Chicago Booth Flexible Pay, Bargaining, and the Gender Wage Gap  

February 12, 12-1PM, Leacock 429

Kim Weeden Kim Weeden, Professor of Sociology, Cornell University The many lands of opportunity: how place affects young adults’ plans and early career outcomes   February 19, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
Morgan Sonderegger Morgan Sonderegger, Associate Professor of Linguistics, McGill University The SPADE project: large-scale analysis of spoken 'English' across 40 dialects   February 26, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
March 2020
Usama Bilal Usama Bilal, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and the Urban Health Collaborative, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University. Urban Scaling and Health: Regularities (and Irregularities) in Health Outcomes across Urban Areas of the Americas.   March 11, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
Céline Le Bourdais Céline Le Bourdais, Distinguished James McGill professor of Sociology, McGill University CANCELLED due to COVID-19   March 18, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
Luca Maria Pesando Luca Maria Pesando, Assistant professor, Sociology, McGill University CANCELLED due to COVID-19   March 25, 12-1PM, Leacock 429
April 2020
Jay Kaufman Jay Kaufman, Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University CANCELLED due to COVID-19   April 1st, 12-1PM, Leacock 429


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