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Welcome to CPD!

The Centre on Population Dynamics (CPD) is a community of scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating new knowledge on the transformative demographic and health changes occurring across the globe.

Centre on Population Dynamics

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The research conducted by members of the Centre on Population Dynamics lies within several key areas of demographic research: Family Dynamics; Social and Economic Determinants of Health; Education; Skill Acquisition, and Labour; Migration; and Aging.


Dr. Sarah Brauner-Otto


The CPD brings together leading population researchers from disciplines across social science and health fields, including demography, economics, epidemiology, and sociology as well as computer science, geography and social work.


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CPD hosts a range of events throughout the year including a regular lunchtime seminar (Social Statistics & Population Dynamics Seminar series) and periodic seminars and trainings related to population issues. Most events are free and open to the public.


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Students can connect to CPD as student members or through the Population Dynamics Option. All CPD affiliated students have access to additional resources such as lab space, conference prep support, and supplemental funding.

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Population Dynamics Option

The Population Dynamics Option (PDO) is an option for graduate students in Sociology, Economics, and Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health (EBOH) at McGill University.

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See what CPD affiliated faculty and students are doing. Check out our scholarly publications, awards, and media appearances.

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