News 2014

September, 3, 2014. The Centre on Population Dynamics partnered with the Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) to offer a 2-hour training on grant writing for early career researchers to CPD student trainees and IHSP graduate and post-doctoral fellows. Covering several topics related to grant writing and strategies for young researchers, the session was attended by 26 doctoral and post-doctoral students from both CPD and IHSP. To receive a copy of the presentation contact heidi.hoernig [at] (subject: grant%20writing) (Heidi Hoernig).


August 14, 2014. The research of CPD members Prof. Sam Harper and Prof. Jay Kaufman and their University of Minnesota colleague Prof. Richard MacLehose was featured in a article by the Economist entitled Mind the gap, reporting on their recently published article in Health Affairs - Trends In The Black-White Life Expectancy Gap Among US States, 1990-2009.


May 15-26, 2014. Research by Prof. Fabian Lange and his colleagues Andreas Hornstein and Marianna Kudlyak, economists at the Federal Reserve, was featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washinton Examiner, and Reuters.


CPS Spring elections:   Zoua Vang was elected Councillor and Michael Haan was elected Vice President of the Canadian Population Society (CPS).

Montreal, March 13th. Céline Le Bourdais was recognized at the annual McGill Bravo Gala for receiving the prestigious Thérèse Gouin-Décaire Award

January 1, 2014.  Shelley Clark began her three year term as an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Population Association of Amercia.


Postdoctoral awards

Two CPD doctoral trainees were recently awarded SSHRC postdoctoral fellowships, both to be held at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique – Centre Urbanisation, Culture et Societé (INRS-UCS)

claudia.masferrer [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Claudia Masferrer Leon) will work with Professor Alain Bélanger on a project entitled The mutual affects of family dynamics and migration processes: A Canadian study using new linked administrative, survey, and census data, 1980-2010."


christine.proulx [at] (Christine Proulx) will pursue the project Union disruptions and repartnering in Canada: What is the impact of providing care? She will be working with Professor Benoît Laplante.



Best student paper - Canadian Population Society

May 28-30. CPD doctoral trainees nicole.denier [at] (Nicole Denier) and sean.waite [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Sean Waite) won best student paper award at the Canadian Population Society annual meeting at Congress 2014 for their paper Gay Pay in Canadian Cities: Local Labour Market Effects on Sexual Minority Earnings Gaps. Here, Nicole (left) receives the award.




June 24th-27th, 2014. Seattle, Washington. Several CPD doctoral trainees: Corrine Riddell, Robin Richardson, Hailey Banack, Erika Braithwaite, and Jeremy Labrecque presented their original research at the Society for Epidemiologic Research annual meeting. Full program.

Presentations by CPD trainees

  • hailey.banack [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Hailey Banack) and Jay Kaufman. Poster. Is collider stratification bias on plausible explanatioin for the obesity paradox? Poster.
  • erika.braithwaite [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Erika Braithwaite) and Arijit Nandi Poster. Examining the effect of parental incarceration on children’s mental health in the United States.  Poster.
  • jeremy.labrecque [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Jeremy Labrecque), Aluísio Barros, Jay Kaufman. Poster. Quantifying how assignment variable manipulation can bias regression discontinuity using simulated data from a conditional cash transfer program Abstract. Poster
  • robin.richardson2 [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Robin A. Richardson), Thomas J Charters, Nick King, and Sam Harper, Session: From Macro to Micro: Social Drivers and Promising Responses to Mental Illness Paper: Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in accidental drug poisoning mortality in the United States, 1994-2010. Abstract.
  • corinne.riddell [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Corinne Riddell), Jay Kaufman, and Erin Strumpf, Haim Abenhaim, Jennifer Hutcheon. Session: Methods in Study Design. Paper: How does a severe, adverse clinical event impact obstetrical decision making at a hospital? Uterine rupture and the management of patients with previous cesarean delivery. Abstract.

Presentations by CPD members

  • Sam Harper, Thomas Charters, and Erin Strumpf. Poster: Does seatbelt use explain socioeconomic differences in traffic accident mortality? Abstract
  • Nichole Austin, Sam Harper, and Erin Strumpf. Poster. Estimating the impact of racial residential segregation on birth weight: an instrumental variables approach. Abstract.
  • Thomas J Charters, Sam Harper, and Erin C Strumpf Poster: Socioeconomic inequalities in motor vehicle accident deaths, USA 1995-2010. Abstract.
  • Jay Kaufman. Symposium: Recent Developments in Causal Mediation Analysis Introduction and Symposium: Weight and Mortality - What are the controversies? Current approaches and suggestions for the future.
  • Ashley Naimi, Auger Nathalie, Moodie Erica, and Jay Kaufman. Session: Intersections between Traditional Epidemiologic Methods and Simulation Modeling. Paper: Stochastic mediation contrasts in epidemiologic research: the mediating role of inter-pregnancy interval in the relation between maternal education and preterm delivery. Abstract.
  • Ashley Naimi, Jay Kaufman, Richard MacLehose. Poster. Mediation Misgivings: Ambiguous Clinical and Public Health Interpretations of Natural Direct and Indirect Effects. Abstract.
  • Leah Smith, Jay Kaufman, Erin Strumpf, and Linda Levesque. Poster. The effect of publicly funded, school-based Human papillomavirus (hpv) vaccination on clinical indicators of sexual activity: the Ontario grade 8 HPV vaccine cohort study. Abstract.
  • Arijit Nandi. Symposium Chair: Recent developments in causal mediation analysis. Speaker in Session: Then & Now: Building our history - Forging our legacy. Social Forces (with Patricia O'Campo)
  • Alissa Koski, Mohammad Hajizadeh, Jody Heymann, Erin Strumpf, Sam Harper, and Arijit Nandi. Session: School, Community, and Health in Low and Middle Income Countries. Paper: Increases in Paid Maternal Leave Associated with Reductions in Neonatal Mortality: A Multilevel Analysis of 300,000 Births from 20 Low-And-Middle-Income Countries. Abstract.
  • Leah Smith, Erin Strumpf, Jay Kaufman, Aisha Lofters, Michael Schwandt, and Linda Levesque. Session: Applications of Quasi-Experimental Tools to Address Confounding and Missing Data. Paper: The impact of publicly funded, school-based human papillomavirus (hpv) vaccination on cervical dysplasia and anogenital warts: a study using the regression discontinuity design. Abstract.


April 30-May 3rd, 2014. Boston, Massachusetts. CPD doctoral trainees Sean Waite, Nicole Denier, Lauren Maxwell, Cassandra Cotton, and Claudia Masferrer presented their original work at the Population Association of America annual meeting.

Presentations by CPD trainees

  • cassandra.cotton [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Cassandra Cotton) and Donatien Beguy. Session: Migration and Family Dynamics. Paper. Does Mothers' Migrant Status Affect Child Fostering in Sub-Saharan Africa? Evidence from Two Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya
  • kim.deslandes [at] (Kim Deslandes). Poster session: Migration and urbanization: Population, development and the environment. Poster. Effects of women's autonomy on divorce. Evidence from rural Malawi. Abstract.
  • claudia.masferrer [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Claudia Masferrer). Poster session. Does family matter for immigrants' life satisfaction? Abstract. Poster.
  • lauren.maxwell [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Lauren Maxwell). Poster session. The Association between Intimate Partner Violence and Birth Spacing: An Application of the Cox Proportional Hazards Model to the Demographic and Health Surveys. Abstract
  • %20anais.simard-gendron [at] (Anaïs Simard-Gendron). Poster session: Fertility intentions and behaviour. Causes and Consequences of the Fertility Stall in Israel: The Case of Jewish Settlers. Abstract.
  • sean.waite [at] MAIL.MCGILL.CA (Sean Waite) and nicole.denier [at] (Nicole Denier). Session: Race and Gender Inequality in Economic Outcomes. Paper: Gay Pay for Straight Work: Mechanisms Generating Earnings Disadvantage

Photo: Sean Waite presenting the paper "Gay pay for straight work: Mechanisms generating earnings disadvantage"

Presentations by CPD members

Full PAA program HERE
Posters presented by CPD members and students at PAA HERE

CPD Director Shelley Clark organized the Canadian demography booth at PAA 2014. Photo: Shelley Clark (left) and Simona Bignami (right, Université de Montréal).


Boston, April 30th, 2014. CPD Director Shelley Clark also hosted the Happy Hour for Canadian Demographers at PAA at the Back Bay Social Club in Boston which was attended by a lively group of 40 faculty and students from across the country. Photo: Rachel Margolis (Western University) with Shelley Clark.