Eran Shor

Photo of Eran Shor

Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar

Department of Sociology
McGill University
Stephen Leacock Building, Room 840
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Tel.: 514-398-5664
Fax:  514-398-7276
E-Mail: ershor [at]

Departmental Profile

Eran Shor's work spans several major research and teaching interests including the causes and effects of political conflict and violence, specifically counterterrorist policies. Relying on a combination of longitudinal time-series cross-national analyses and case studies, his work demonstrates the importance of social and cultural processes in determining state policies and challenges more traditional theoretical approaches. He leads two separate research projects that examine inequality in the media coverage of ethnic minorities and women, using both qualitative content analysis and various statistical analysis methods. He is also conducting a large-scale statistical meta-analysis project, which explores the effect of different social stressors and of social relationships on mortality in different countries and under varying conditions. This project has already produced analyses of the effects of unemployment, war exposure, widowhood, divorce, lifetime non-marriage, participation in voluntary organizations, and social support. 



  • Political Conflict and Human Rights
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism
  • the Sociology of Health
  • Ethnicity and Nationalism
  • Determinants of Sexual Attraction
  • Media Coverage of Women and Ethnic Minorities
  • Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Methods.



PhD (2010): Stony Brook University


Recent Publications

Eran Shor & Kimberly Seida (2019) “Harder and Harder”? Is Mainstream Pornography Becoming Increasingly Violent and Do Viewers Prefer Violent Content?, The Journal of Sex Research, 56:1, 16-28, DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2018.1451476

Shor, E. (2019), Political Leaning and Coverage Sentiment: Are Conservative Newspapers More Negative Toward Women?*. Social Science Quarterly, 100: 307-319. doi:10.1111/ssqu.12563

van de Rijt A, Song HG, Shor E, Burroway R (2018) Racial and gender differences in missing children’s recovery chances. PLOS ONE 13(12): e0207742.

Nazif-Munoz JI, Blank-Gommel A, Shor E. Effectiveness of child restraints and booster legislation in Israel. Injury Prevention 2018;24:411-417.

Shor, E. (2018). Age, Aggression, and Pleasure in Popular Online Pornographic VideosViolence Against Women