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Documents and Forms


Application Checklist Fall 2022


Fall 2020 Cohort: 2020-2021_PhD_Program_Guide.pdf

Fall 2021 Cohort:: 2021-2022 PhD_Program_Guide.pdf

Graduate Courses listed by field 

Departmental Guidelines for TAs- 2021-22

PGSS Health and Dental plan 

PhD Audit Worksheets

PhD Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee Form[Fillable pdf]

PhD Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive_Exam Preparation[.pdf]

Comprehensive Exam Questionnaire[Fillable pdf]

Subfield Descriptions

PhD Proposal Defence

Proposal Approval form[Fillable pdf]

Thesis Submission

Graduate Student Thesis guidelines and deadlines

Thesis Preparation

Graduate Student Thesis Submission Forms

MA Thesis Requirements (POLI 697 and 698) [Fillable pdf]

MA Non-Thesis Submission

MA Research Essay Requirements (POLI 693 and 699)[Fillable PDF]


Graduate Supervision

Skill Sets

Student Wellness Hub


File Application for Conference Funding

How to submit an Expense Report

Application for Internship (Poli 599)[Fillable PDF]

Graduate Independent Reading and Research Form (Poli690)[Fillable PDF]

Graduate Independent Reading and Research Form (Poli780 or 781) [Fillable PDF]

Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Forms

Supervision Advice (offers research and evidence-based advice to students and supervisors)

Letter of Understanding (For New PhD students only)

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