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Documents and Forms


Application Checklist Fall 2023

PDF icon 2022-2023_MA_program_guide.pdf

Fall 2020 Cohort: 2020-2021_PhD_Program_Guide.pdf

Fall 2021 Cohort: 2021-2022 PhD_Program_Guide.pdf

Fall 2022 Cohort: PDF icon 2022-2023 PhD_program_guide.pdf

Graduate Courses listed by field 

Departmental Guidelines for TAs- 2021-22

PGSS Health and Dental plan 

PhD Audit Worksheets

Audit sheets for those who began before 2021

Audit sheets for those who began as of Fall 2021

PhD Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee Form[Fillable pdf]

PhD Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive_Exam Preparation[.pdf]

Comprehensive Exam Questionnaire[Fillable pdf]

Subfield Descriptions

PhD Proposal Defence

Proposal Approval form[Fillable pdf]

Thesis Submission

Graduate Student Thesis guidelines and deadlines

Thesis Preparation

Graduate Student Thesis Submission Forms

MA Thesis Requirements (POLI 697 and 698) [Fillable pdf]

MA Non-Thesis Submission

MA Research Essay Requirements (POLI 693 and 699)[Fillable PDF]


Graduate Supervision

Skill Sets

Student Wellness Hub


File Application for Conference Funding

How to submit an Expense Report

Application for Internship (Poli 599)[Fillable PDF]

Graduate Independent Reading and Research Form (Poli690)[Fillable PDF]

Graduate Independent Reading and Research Form (Poli780 or 781) [Fillable PDF]

Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Forms

Supervision Advice (offers research and evidence-based advice to students and supervisors)

Letter of Understanding (For New PhD students only)

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