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Sources of information

Many sources of information are available to you in planning your degree, registering for your courses and programs, clarifying policies and procedures, and exploring career opportunities.

Service Point, Enrolment Services

Service Point has brought together newly-integrated front-line undergraduate and graduate student administrative services. Located on the ground floor of the McLennan Library Building, Service Point addresses a wide variety of students' needs.  For more information on the services that they provide, how to contact them as well as their hours of operation - please visit the Service Point webpage.

Arts Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS)

The Faculty advisers in Arts OASIS provide assistance in interpreting records, as well as general academic information and advice about degree requirements, registration, exams, inter-faculty transfer, study away, academic standing, graduation.

Arts OASIS Faculty advisers are experts in the rules, regulations, and requirements pertaining to specific degree programs. They provide ongoing advice and guidance on degree planning. They offer help managing academic situations during periods of personal, financial, or medical difficulty by working with students to identify various possibilities and strategies for making informed decisions.

Arts OASIS Faculty advisers are also responsible for approving course selection for students registered in the Arts Freshman program (students with 97-120 credits to complete).

Appointments with an adviser can be made by coming to the counter in person or by telephone. Please consult the Arts OASIS home page for office hours, building location, and contact information.

Advisers can also be contacted by adviser [dot] arts [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email). For urgent matters, it is preferable that you come in person to the Arts OASIS information counter (Dawson Hall, Room 110), or telephone at 514-398-1029.

 Arts Student Advising Program (ASAP)

The Arts Student Advising Program (ASAP) is a joint effort between Arts OASIS and the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS). The goal of this program is to complement the advising services provided by Arts OASIS by providing trained senior undergraduate students whom you can consult on an anonymous basis.

The ASAPs will be available to help you throughout the year and during the summer. They are located on the ground floor of Dawson Hall. 

 Departmental Academic Advisers

Departmental advisers are responsible for students who are required to complete 96 or fewer credits. As with advisers in Arts OASIS, the most important function of departmental advisers is to advise and approve your course selection and assist you in realistic and meaningful program planning. Arts departmental advisers are responsible for the degree programs that are administered by their departments.

McGill Student Services

McGill offers a wide array of student services to assist you during your stay at the university. General student services provide information regarding the following:

financial aid student rights employment
orientation program housing chaplaincy service
health services tutorial services athletics
career counselling disabled students counselling service
international students first year coordinator study skills workshops

Counselling Service: The Counselling Service offers individual and group counselling. In previous years they have offered groups to deal with test anxiety, organization and study skills, building self-esteem, living with loss and various other issues which may be of concern to students. They are located on the 4th floor, room 4200 of the William and Mary Brown Building.

Career Planning Service (CaPS): The Career Planning Service offers a variety of services for students, including a job posting service and career development workshops. In addition, counsellors are available to help you on an individual basis. They are located, on the 2rd floor, room 2200 of the William and Mary Brown Building.

First-Year Coordinator: The First Year Coordinator ensures that your transition into the academic and social life at McGill is as smooth as possible. The Coordinator will act as a resource person for incoming students and parents requiring information related to services available across campus. She has established links with areas of the University that offer services to students and has all pertinent information in one central location. If you wish to contact the First-Year Coordinator, call 514-398-6913 and ask for Leslie Copeland or stop by the William and Mary Brown Building, on the 2nd floor, room 2100 and you will be directed to her office. You may also contact her by firstyear [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email).

Other Services: For additional information about Student Services, please consult the booklet "The Guide", available in the Office of the Dean of Students, William and Mary Brown, 3600 McTavish Street.

Other resources at McGill

Information Systems and Techonolgy Customer Service - (ICS): ICS offers a wide variety of seminars for students, provides information about McGill's computer labs, offers assistance in accessing McGill's computer network via modem and can provide you with access to electronic mail and the internet. Contact them via ist [dot] support [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) . You can consult the Computing Centre Store in the McGill Bookstore for information on purchasing a computer. You will find that a personal computer is a helpful tool for university studies.

Libraries: Library services include orientation lectures and tours, instructional seminars for students, as well as assistance in using research facilities such as CD ROM or PERUSE (McGill University Libraries' Online Database). For information call 514-398-5030 or consult the schedule which will be available on the web as of July.

Reading/Writing Workshops: The Faculty of Education (3700 McTavish) offers workshops for students on subjects such as reading for comprehension and retention, writing essays or term papers, and multiple choice exams.