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McGill Graduate Association of Political Studies Students

The McGill Graduate Association of Political Studies Students exists to promote the academic welfare of all graduate students in the Political Science Department of McGill University, as well as enhance the cultural, environmental, and social conditions of its members.

Join MGAPSS on Facebook for further information and event updates. The MGAPSS consitution is available on this website,  (click here to view MGAPSS Constitution ) or alternatively, feel free to contact its coordinators.



Jianna Marin - President
mgapps.pgss [at]

Ewa Nizalowska and Rose Chabot - Social Coordinators 
ewa. nizalowska[at] , rose.chabot[at]

PGSS Representatives (1 voting member)

Ozanay Bozkaya
ozanay.bozkaya [at]

AGSEM Representative

Matthew Boulden
matthew.boulden [at]

Ewa Nizalowska
ewa.nizalowska [at]


Majka Hahn
marika.hahn [at]


Ozanay Bozkaya
ozanay.bozkaya [at]

Department Coordinator

Erik Underwood
erik.underwood [at]

Subfield Coordinators

Comparative - N/A

International Relations - N/A

Political Theory - N/A

Canadian -N/A

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