Tuition & Fees

All trainees registered in Postgraduate Medical Education, are required to pay annual fees. These fees are composed of tuition and ancillary fees. Fee breakdown and deadlines can be found on the Student Accounts website. In order to view the information, please make sure to select the appropriate Residency (Quebec, Canadian or International) and to select Postgraduate Medical Education under Program.

Tuition and fees for students in two programs

In general, students must pay all fees related to every program in which they register. 

Students who have completed their residency requirements for the thesis program and register in Additional Session or Thesis Evaluation terms are responsible to pay all fees associated with those terms. Other ancillary fees associated with the program will be charged in the Fall and Winter terms for all students, and in the Summer term for Additional Session and Thesis Evaluation, once registrations have been finalized, and the student record is updated.  Please consult the Student Accounts website for more information.

It is not possible for trainees to be registered in three full-time programs.

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