Awards and Prizes

Awards & Prizes

2022 CSCI-CIHR Resident Research Awards

The CSCI-CIHR Resident Research Award is a prize of $1000 awarded annually to the best resident research project during a RCPSC/CFPC training program at each Canadian medical school.

Please see the CSCI website for more information about this award:

The application forms can be found by clicking here for English form and here for French form.

Please note that only one research project will be considered per applicant and that published manuscripts have priority.

The deadline to submit application forms is Monday, June 13, 2022, at 9:00 AM.

To apply, trainees must submit the following application package (must be a PDF package in the order listed):

  1. Application form
    • Note: residents do not have to provide their Social Insurance Number (SSN) on the CSCI Application form
  2. Synopsis of the research project:
    • Either, submit a manuscript or published paper
    • In the absence of a published manuscript, please submit a 2-page summary of your research project with or without an attached abstract
  3. CV of applicant (maximum 3 pages)
  4. Executive Summary of the Supervisor’s CV
    • 2-3 pages of the key points of the supervisor’s CV
    • Key points to focus on are the supervisor’s education, grants and published articles in the last couple of years

Please note that applications that do not follow the format listed above will be refused.

Applications must be sent to Dr. Leon Tourian, Assistant Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education, by emailing [at]


Year Award Given Winner Project Residency Program
CSCI 2022 Guillaume Butler-Laporte Exome-wide association study to identify rare variants influencing COVID-19 outcomes: Results from the Host Genetics Initiative Medical Microbiology
CSCI 2021 Yifan Wang A preclinical trial and molecularly-annotated patient cohort identify predictive biomarkers in homologous recombination deficient pancreatic cancer General Surgery
CSCI 2020 David Benrimoh An AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support System for Depression Treatment Psychiatry
CSCI 2019 Marco Mascarella Evaluation of a preoperative adverse event risk index for patients undergoing neck and head cancer surgery Otolaryngology
CSCI 2018 Oliver Lasry Epidemiology of recurrent traumatic brain injury in the general population: a systematic review Neurosurgery
CSCI 2017 April Rose MAPK pathway inhibitors sensitize BRAF-mutant Melanoma to an antibody drug conjugate targeting GPNMB Internal Medicine
CSCI 2016 Mehdi Afshar Lipoprotein (a) Interactions with Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and other Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Premature Acute Coronary Syndromes Internal Medicine
CSCI 2015 Omar Ahmad A Mendelian randomization study of the effect of type-2 diabetes on coronary heart diseas General Internal Medicine
CSCI 2014 Jonathan Cools-Lartigue Neutrophil extracellular traps sequester circulating tumor cells and promote metastasis General Surgery
CSCI 2013 Alberto Carli (co-winner) FGF18 Augments Osseointegration of Intra-Medullaryimplants in Osteopenic FGFR3-/- Mice Orthopedic Surgery
CSCI 2013 Ivan Litvinov (co-winner) The role of AHI1 and CDKN1C in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma progression Dermatology
CSCI 2012 information not available    
CSCI 2011 Simon Ducharme Neuroanatomical Correlates of Behavioral Traits in Healthy Children Psychiatry
CSCI 2010 Mamatha Bhat Phenotypic & Genotypic Characteristics of IBD in French-Canadians: comparison with a large North American repository Gastroenterology
CSCI 2009 Francois Mercier Bone marrow mesenchemal stromal cells in patients with myeloproliferative disorders do not carry the JAK2 mutation Adult Hematology
CSCI 2008 Jesse Papenburg (co-winner) Pediatric Injuries From Needles Discarded in the Community: Epidemiology and Risk of Seroconversion Medical Microbiology
CSCI 2008 Saima Hassan (co-winner) Plasma Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1: Host-Derived Marker Predictive of Distant Metastasis in Breast Cancer General Surgery
CSCI 2007 Marc Tewfik Genetics of Innate Immunity and IGE Expression in Inflammatory Airway Disease Otolaryngology
CSCI 2006 Jack Y.J Huang The effect of cryopreservation on the cytogenetic and embryonic development of frozen thawed oocytes: A comparaison of vitrification vs. sodium-depleted slow freezing method Obstetrics and Gynecology
CSCI 2005 Étienne De Villers-Sidani Synaptic Activation Patterns of the Perirhinal-Entorhinal Inter-Connections Neurology
CSCI 2004 Barry Bedell Novel MRI Probes for In Vivo Molecular Imaging of Enzyme Activity Pathology
CSCI 2003 Vidal Essebag Amiodarone and the risk of Bradyarrhythmia requiring permanent pacemaker in elderly patients with atrial fibrillation and prior myocardial infarction Cardiology
CSCI 2002 Abdulaziz Al-Khaldi Therapeutic Angiogenesis using Autologous Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Cardiac Surgery
CSCI 2001 Paolo Campisi BMP Expression – Rabbit Mandible Distraction Osteogenesis Otolaryngology
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