COD 6: Assessing and managing patients with mental health issues

Key Features

  • This EPA focuses on the recognition, assessment, and management of mental health issues.
  • Examples include patients with ADHD; anxiety disorder; conversion disorder; early psychosis; eating disorders; mood disorders; obsessive compulsive disorder; oppositional/disruptive and conduct disorders; substance abuse disorders, including tobacco/nicotine products; and suicidal ideation, intent, and attempts.

Assessment plan

Direct observation or case review by supervisor

Use form 1. Form collects information on:

  • Type of observation: direct; case review
  • Condition: ADHD; anxiety disorder; conversion disorder; early psychosis; eating disorder; mood disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder; oppositional/disruptive and/or conduct disorder; substance abuse; suicidal ideation, intent, and attempts
  • Setting: inpatient; outpatient; emergency department; community; longitudinal clinic

Collect 5 observations of achievement.

  • At least 2 by direct observation
  • At least 5 different conditions
  • At least 1 in longitudinal clinic
  • At least 2 in the community
  • At least 3 different observers

CanMEDS milestones

  1. ME 1.3 Apply knowledge of normal and abnormal physical, cognitive, emotional, social and behavioural development
  2. ME 1.4 Perform a clinical assessment that addresses all relevant issues
  3. ME 2.2 Use screening tools and validated questionnaires, as applicable
  4. ME 2.2 Synthesize biological, psychological, and social information to determine a diagnosis
  5. ME 2.4 Develop and implement a management plan that considers all of the patient’s health problems and context
  6. ME 2.4 Prescribe first-line psychotropic medicines as applicable
  7. ME 4.1 Develop a plan for ongoing management and follow-up
  8. ME 4.1 Determine the need for and timing of referral to another health care professional
  9. HA 1.1 Facilitate timely access to services and resources in the health and/or social system(s)
  10. P 1.1 Apply the principles and limits of confidentiality as defined by professional practice standards and the law
  11. P 3.1 Apply relevant aspects of mental health law and child welfare legislation
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