Competence by Design Launch 2021 in General Pediatrics

On July 1, 2021, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) will be officially launching the Competence by Design (CBD) educational framework for all General Pediatrics Programs across Canada.

While the CBD related expectations from the RCPSC specifically target the incoming PGY1 cohorts of residents, with no formal expectations for the residents who have already started their training in General Pediatrics, at McGill we will continue to function in a hybrid CBD model for our current cohorts of residents (i.e. our incoming PGY2 to PGY4 trainees).

The short videos and links below provide useful information around the CBD launch in order to help all trainees and faculty prepare for the upcoming changes within our training program.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact elisa.ruanocea [at] (Dr. Elisa Ruano Cea), the Assistant Program Director and CBD lead for the General Pediatrics Program.

Videos: Review of Key Concepts | What's New for July 1 | The Components of and EPA | Planning a Direct Observation | Completing an EPA Specific Form on One45

1. Review of Key Concepts: This video provides a brief summary of what are the Stages of Training, Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), Milestones, Curriculum Map and the Competence Committee within the CBD framework.

2. What’s New for July 1: This video provides an overview of the revised expectations around trainee assessment in the General Pediatrics Program at McGill, both for our incoming PGY1 residents who will be training within the official CBD educational framework, and for our other cohorts of residents who will be training within a hybrid CBD model.

3. The Components of an EPA: This video provides a brief explanation of the different sections of an EPA and their implication for the direct observations and feedback provided to trainees.

Please note that so far in our Program, we have been using a simplified version of the EPAs, which include the 'Key Features' and 'Milestones'. In the official version of the EPAs from the RCPSC, the 'Assessment Plan' and 'Entrustability Scale' have been added. For now, the simplified version of the EPA will continue to be used for the incoming PGY2 to PGY4 trainees, while the 'official' EPA version will be used for the incoming PGY1 trainees.

4. Planning a Direct Observation: This video is a brief reminder of the important steps to follow when conducting a direct observation. It highlights the importance of documenting the feedback provided to trainees ‘on the spot’, which can be facilitated by accessing the one45 platform using your mobile device.

5. Completing an EPA Specific Form on One45

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