COD 13

COD 13: Advancing the discipline through scholarly activity

Key Features

  • The observation of this EPA is based on completion of a scholarly project.
  • This may include basic or clinical science related to pediatric medicine, advocacy, medical education, patient safety, QI, knowledge translation, and others at the discretion of the program director.
  • This EPA includes reviewing and appraising relevant literature, using appropriate methods, analyzing findings, critically reflecting on the findings, discussing what the project has added to the field of inquiry, and disseminating results in some format (e.g., grand rounds, research day, manuscript suitable for journal submission) at the discretion of the program director.
  • It includes preparation of an abstract, structured progress report, and/or manuscript.

Assessment Plan

Research supervisor recommends achievement of the EPA to the competence committee.

Use form 4.

Collect 1 observation of achievement.

CanMEDS milestones

  1. S 4.4 Pose questions that are appropriately constructed and amenable to scholarly inquiry
  2. L 4.1 Organize work to manage clinical, scholarly, and other responsibilities
  3. S 4.4 Identify, consult, and collaborate with content experts and others in the conduct of scholarly work
  4. S 4.4 Collect data for a scholarly project
  5. S 4.4 Perform data analysis
  6. S 4.4 Integrate existing literature and findings of data collection
  7. S 4.4 Identify areas for further investigation
  8. S 4.5 Summarize and communicate the findings of research and scholarly inquiry
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