COD 1: Resuscitating and stabilizing neonates following delivery

Key Features

  • This EPA focuses on applying neonatal resuscitation guidelines, as relevant, and working effectively with the resuscitation team.
  • This includes high-risk deliveries.
  • This includes providing stabilization and arranging transfer to the NICU, as relevant.

Assessment Plan

Direct observation, case presentation or review of written documentation by supervisor, senior resident, nurse practitioner, or advanced care nurse

Use form 1. Form collects information on:

  • Gestational age (write in):

Collect 3 observations of achievement

  • At least 2 observers

CanMEDS milestones

  1. ME 1.4 Recognize one’s own limits and seek assistance as needed
  2. ME 2.1 Recognize instability and medical acuity in a clinical presentation
  3. ME 2.1 Determine the acuity of the issue and the priorities for patient care
  4. ME 1.3 Apply knowledge of established protocols for neonatal resuscitation
  5. ME 3.4 Perform the sequence of neonatal resuscitation as per established protocols
  6. ME 3.1 Integrate planned procedures or therapies into resuscitative efforts
  7. COL 1.2 Integrate the skills of other health care professionals in the resuscitation
  8. P 4.1 Maintain capacity for professional clinical performance in stressful situations
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