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Part of our mission is to train the next generation of pain scientists. Our investigators are often faced with the difficult decision of refusing to take on outstanding students simply because of insufficient funding. By making your gift towards our Student Support program, you will contribute to strengthening the ranks of the next generation of pain scientists . Your gift will be used towards such things as:

  • Fellowships: the provision of fellowships to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows provides them with the way to dedicate their time to research without worrying about their personal living expenses.
  • Travel Awards: Support to send trainees to national and international scientific meetings is vital. These meetings provide important networking and learning opportunities to our students. They meet other world leaders, and start to develop their own networks with others of the age.
  • Lab exchange programs: An important way in which inter-lab networking happens is through students from one group being sent on a skills-learning trip to another lab. By working in a new lab, usually for periods from 3-6 months long, these students enrich their own knowledge while also acquiring cutting-edge research techniques which they will then bring back to their home lab. This process solidifies collaborations between labs and enriches both sides by expanding the technical abilities of each.
If you would like to support the training that goes on at the AECRP, please do so here:

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