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Searching for solutions to improve chronic pain management

Living with chronic pain is not easy, both for those who suffer from it and for their families. It is debilitating. Exhausting. A daily struggle to keep going.

Researchers at the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain (AECRP) are working hard to understand the underlying biological mechanisms that cause chronic pain and, through this understanding, strive to develop new ways of managing it.

To make the biggest impact, the AECRP collaborates with experts worldwide. This works to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge with respect to technology, development and the recruitment of the best and brightest scientists. Your financial support will help accelerate the pace of research and discoveries, you can be the catalyst of this change.

Your support to our research fund will enable us to undertake things such as:

  • Purchase state-of-the-art research equipment: chronic pain is not a one-dimensional problem. It needs an integrated approach across the research spectrum, and that needs the latest tools available.
  • Fund highly innovative research programs: Ambitious programs aiming to cure pain tend to be considered “high risk, high reward” in nature and are hard to fund using traditional governmental mechanisms. Your support will provide “proof ofprinciple” results that can be leveraged into funding support by larger organizations, such as the federally-funded Canadian Institutes for Health Research.
  • Support Networking with other research teams worldwide. In order to advance research rapidly, knowledge needs to be shared rapidly. Networking with other leaders in the field is the fastest way of doing this.
If you would like to join us in our course to find a cure for chronic pain, please do so here:

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