Lisbet Haglund

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Associate Professor 


Lisbet Haglund
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lisbet.haglund [at]

Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, Montreal General Hospital


Dept of Experimental Surgery, Faculty of Medicine
Associate Professor of Surgery, McGill University Associate Director, Experimental Surgery, McGill University
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Basic Science
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Basic spinal research focusing on:

  1. Evaluating the potential for disc repair in early to moderate stages of disc degeneration. The overall goal is to show that it is possible to restore the integrity of the degenerated disc matrix with biological means.
  2. To identify novel markers of early disc degeneration (other than those generated in the intervertebral disc as a consequence of ageing).
  3. Characterization of changes in protein composition of the extra cellular matrix from scoliotic discs compared to normal control discs. This study will increase the understanding of composition and function of the extracellular matrix and provide a link between biochemical composition and biomechanical properties in normal and pathophysiological conditions.

The projects utilize a variety of techniques in protein biochemistry, and cell biology.

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