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Jocelyne Feine
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Oral Health and Society Research Unit, Dentistry
3550 University Street
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Oral Health and Society Research Unit, Faculty of Dentistry
Oral Health and Society Research Unit, Dentistry
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Clinical Science
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Research Interests

Dr. Feine's research involves the assessment of therapies in order to provide clinicians and patients with scientific evidence that can be used to support treatment decisions. These studies are designed to gather clinical data, as well as information from patients about how satisfied they are with a particular therapy, how the therapy has affected their condition and how their lives may have changed due to the intervention. In the field of pain, her interests include:
- Assessment of post-operative and chronic pain conditions
- Gender differences in pain perception
- Stimulus perception by individuals with Downs Syndrome
- Clinical pain models
- Memory of pain and quality of life assessment


Selected Publications

Fromentin O, Lassauzay C, Nader SA, Feine J, de Albuquerque RF Jr. Wear of matrix overdenture attachments after one to eight years of clinical use. J Prosthet Dent. 2012 107(3) : 191-8

Michaud PL, de Grandmont P, Feine JS, Emami E. Measuring patient-based outcomes : Is treatment satisfaction associated with oral health-related quality of life?. J Dent . 2012 40(8):624-31

Sohrabi K, Mushantat A, Esfandiari S, Feine J. How successful are small-diameter implants? A literature review. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2012 May;23(5):515-25

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