Tong Wang (she/her)A close up photograph an Asian woman with black hair. She is looking directly into the camera and is leaning on her hand.

Role: Science Education Fellow

Email: tong.wang6 [at]

Biography: Tong is a Canadian pianist leading innovative initiatives across areas of performance, research, and community engagement. Her projects explore the role of art in relation to identity, culture, and current social-political issues. As an interdisciplinary artist, Tong has written the libretto of a new horror-anime opera, toured concerts on anti-racism, climate change, and diaspora issues, and co-founded the Windwood Music Festival in Airdrie, Alberta. Tong’s doctorate research investigates “cuteness” as an aesthetic in music.  

Outside the concert hall, Tong is a seasoned volleyball player and beginner Muay Thai kickboxer. She also enjoys hosting salon concerts and cooking up a reception feast! 

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