Emma Segato (she/her)

Role: Science Communication Research Assistant

Email: emma.segato [at] mcgill.ca

Biography: Originally from a small town just outside of Niagara Falls, Emma has always been known for her impulsivity, clumsiness, and determination. Appropriately, in 2019, while still somewhat unsure of where her passions lay, she catapulted herself headfirst into Montreal to pursue her Bachelor of Science at McGill University.

Now in her third year of her undergraduate degree, Emma has declared a major in Anatomy & Cell Biology with a minor in Psychology. After stumbling into several neuroscience courses (as she does most things in life), she has discovered that her true passion lies in studying human behaviour.

Emma spends a lot of her free time deep-diving her ever-changing interests, ranging from something as simple as learning how to juggle to something as complex as the effects of TUMS in treating PMS-related hormone disorders. This naturally inquisitive habit of hers--as someone with ADHD--has forced Emma to realize the true power that effective science communication holds. Thus, she is thrilled to aid the growth of this domain with the Office of Science Education!

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