Headshot of Lina Mullings, smiling slightlyLina Mullings

Role: Administrative Coordinator

Email: lina.mullings [at] mcgill.ca

Biography: Lina was born and raised in Toronto. Her parents (of Jamaican and British-Canadian origins), instilled in her a deep respect for education. She attended a high school that specialised in Fine Arts, and she majored in Spanish and French literature at York University.  

Lina’s fascination with all things Spanish includes music and this led her to play Spanish classical guitar. Being very physically active, it wasn’t long before her passion morphed into a love for flamenco dance. The rest is history. Lina has dedicated much of her energy to performing and teaching flamenco.    

Parallel to her work in the arts, Lina has had a career as an administrative coordinator both in Toronto and Montreal. Her work at McGill spans several years, mainly at the Faculty of Law.  

It may seem ironic to work at the Office of Science Education given Lina’s background in the arts. However, the Office’s mission to improve and innovate science teaching resonates with her. The dedication and enthusiasm in striving to improve the teaching of science mirrors the commitment and energy she sees in her fellow artists and aficionados. 

Lina is thankful to be part of the dynamic team at the Office of Science Education and looks forward to helping it run as smoothly as any on-stage performance. 

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