SciLearn Logo with Brain
The SciLearn program helps incoming McGill Science students transition to learning at the university level.

 Group of men and women seated in front of a building, smiling into the camera
The Inclusive Teaching Initiative supports Science instructors in building more inclusive and anti-racist classrooms.

Undergraduate Poster Showcase Logo with Two Balloons

The UG Poster Showcase celebrates student work by supporting them in developing and presenting their projects.


 drawing of three people in a laboratory setting

The Dan Petrescu Speaker Series is a forum for instructors to learn about recent innovations in science education.

Learn more about the Speaker Series

Six test tubes in a rack next to an erlenmeyer flask. They are all filled with a transluscent blue liquid.

The Chemistry Teaching Assistant Program (Chem TAP) uses the latest pedagogical science to improve TA's learning outcomes.


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