SciLearn, Learn Science Your Way

SciLearn is a program for first-year McGill Science students to help the transition to learning at the university level.

Through the program, you'll learn more about how your brain works and explore learning strategies that will work best for you!

Register for the "Citizen Science: Minding Your Data" Lab!

All U0 and U1 students are invited to attend a 2-hour version SciLearn "lab" or workshop on Monday, April 11, 12-2 PM. Our team at the Office of Science Education will guide you in reflecting on what you've learned and how you've grown through the SciLearn program.

Mark your calendar and register here!

Why participate in SciLearn?

Set Yourself Up For Success
With an emphasis on self-awareness and metacognition, the program provides you with various strategies to personalize your approach to learning. We also focus on the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, and the impact that sleep, exercise, meditation, and diet, have on learning.

Learn How The Brain Works
Under the guidance of our two neuroscientist-facilitators, you'll learn how neuroscience underlies and motivates a variety of approaches to learning. For example, we show you how you can hack your brain by understanding the basics of memory retention.

Join Our Community
When you participate in SciLearn, you join a community of over 200 like-minded students! Every term, we invite our participants (past and present) to exclusive academic and social events, and to our Facebook and Instagram communities.

Develop Your CV
Participating in SciLearn demonstrates dedication to your own personal and academic growth. SciLearn participants receive Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognition and are encouraged to include SciLearn on their CV.




Feedback From Our Past Participants 

"I enjoyed being able to hear from neuroscientists about the ​best ways to learn and I hope this program continues to be useful to other students!” ​

"Thinking about my study and daily habits has been key to improving my academic performance. I have learned many things, most importantly the importance of breaks between study sessions, the impact of sport and meditation on our mental health and the effectiveness of study groups to understand a subject.”​

“I knew that exercise and meditation were good, but it was really cool learning about the science behind them!”​

“The facilitators were always kind, open, understanding, and funny! There was never a moment of thinking 'Oh, I don't understand this and I'm worried to ask about it' or ever a lack of respect. I felt like I could say anything in the chat and it was always a positive environment that encouraged positivity, healthy habits, and thoughtfulness.” 

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