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Helping first-year Science students transition to university-level learning, SciLearn is a mainstay in the Faculty of Science.

We offer three ways for students to get the most out of their first year at McGill:


SciLearn Orientation

Setting yourself up for success
(U0 & U1 students)

Spend two hours discovering neuroscience-informed strategies that will change the way you think about learning and prepare you for U0 & U1 courses.

SciLearn Peer Collaboration

Putting your heads together
(U0 & U1 students)

Get the edge on U0 & U1 courses through weekly study sessions supported by TAs, TEAM students, and course instructors. (The program was formerly known as FRezCa.)

SciLearn Events

Exploring ideas, coming together
(All students, staff, faculty)  

At these special lectures, study sessions, and get-togethers, we’ll explore how the latest research on neuroscience and learning can transform McGill and the student experience. 


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The Program Made Possible: About Our Supporter

DGDM Family Foundation orange and grey logoThe Office of Science Education is grateful for the continued support of the DGDM Family Foundation, which enables us to promote student learning through the SciLearn program.

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