SciLearn Peer Collaboration

SciLearn Peer Collaboration

Formerly called “FRezCa”, SciLearn Peer Collaboration is a space for collaborative learning supported by teaching assistants (TAs), TEAM students, and course instructors. We’re thrilled to bring first-year students together as a learning community in the Royal Victoria College cafeteria.

At the “Peer Co-Lab”, U0 & U1 students can:
• Work collaboratively and learn from each other.
• Study in a shared space.
• Complete homework or assignments collaboratively (some courses have exclusive practice problems).
• Ask for guidance from TEAM students and TAs.
• Make friends in their programs.

Fall 2022 Schedule 

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BIOL 111 - Wed & Thurs (3-5 PM)
BIOL 200 - Tues & Fri (3-5 PM)
CHEM 110 - Mon & Thurs (3:30-5:30 PM)
CHEM 212 - Tues & Fri (3-5 PM)
CHEM 222 - Sept 23 & 30, Oct 28, Nov 24 (3-5 PM)
MATH 133 - Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri (3-5 PM)
MATH 139/140/141 - Tues & Thurs (3-5 PM)
PHYS 101 - Mon & Thurs (3-5 PM)
PHYS 131 - Mon & Thurs (3- 5 PM)
PSYC 100 - Fri (3-5 PM)


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Sessions are in-person in the RVC Cafeteria beginning September 12th. The RVC Cafeteria is located at 641 Sherbrooke St. W. To access the cafeteria, enter the main doors, turn right, and go down the small flight of stairs. Continue until you see the double doors on your left leading to the cafeteria. Please note that there are stairs leading to the 641 Sherbrooke St. West entrance. View this map and contact us for further accessibility information.
We ask all attendees to review University return to campus recommendations.


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