Neeraj KatiyarNeeraj Katiyar (he/him)

Role: Science Education Fellow

Email: neeraj.katiyar [at]

Biography: Neeraj Katiyar has been a technology enthusiast since his childhood. He is a firm believer that "engineers are torchbearers of technology innovation". So he made the self-evident choice to pursue Computer Science and Engineering as his undergraduate major. Neeraj worked as a software Engineer with Accenture for a few years before starting his master's at McGill.  

Neeraj’s most recognized projects include a virtual classroom system application (to help underprivileged children in remote villages) and a BOT auditor.  

As an international student, Neeraj has personally experienced the cultural and academic changes that students experience and their impacts on academic performance. At OSE, Neeraj’s goal is to work collaboratively to help set up data analysis tools and machine learning models for predicting students' performance and NLP models for extracting sentiments and suggestions mining. 

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