SciLearn Orientation

SciLearn Orientation

All incoming students are invited to attend a 2-hour “orientation” session. Using feedback from our previous participants, we've handpicked the best learning strategies and content to set you up for a great first year at McGill. The Orientation is only the beginning – we hope you’ll try out these strategies throughout the semester at SciLearn Peer Collaboration. 

Winter 2023 Orientation Session
Winter 2023 sessions have concluded. Thank you to those who joined us!

Why participate in SciLearn Orientation?

Learn How the Brain Works 
Under the guidance of our three neuroscientist-facilitators, you'll learn how neuroscience underlies and motivates a variety of approaches to learning. For example, we show you how you can hack your brain by understanding the basics of memory retention. 

Join Our Community 
When you participate in SciLearn, you join a community of over 200 like-minded students! Every term, we invite our participants (past and present) to our SciLearn Events. 

Try Out Tools to Track Your Learning
Inspired by the citizen science framework, students will be looking at their own learning data and tracking how these change as they adapt to learning at the university level throughout their first year at McGill.



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