Funding Opportunity: Operating Grants for Graduate Students

Supporting the development of future researchers

The Collaborative is pleased to announce the winners of the 2 competitive funding opportunities offered to ISoN graduate students in 2021-2021.


Master's Student Project Operating Grant 

Small operating grant to support the completion of Global Health or Research projects for NUR2 631, intended for students who write a manuscript about their project and submit it for publication to a journal. 

Jennyfer Belval was awarded funding for her project, " An ID card allowing access to municipal services for migrants with precarious status in Montreal and its influence on social inclusion: A mixed methods study.” 


Doctoral Student Project Operating Grant 

Operating grant to support the completion of data collection and analysis for a doctoral student currently at this stage of their dissertation research, intended for students who will write a manuscript about their project and submit it for publication.  

Lydia Ould Brahim was awarded funding for her project, "A dyadic depression self-management intervention for adults with chronic physical diseases and concomitant depression and their caregivers: A mixed methods intervention adaptation and pilot randomized controlled trial."


We would like to offer congratulations to both Jennyfer and Lydia and wish them good luck as they pursue their research!



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