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“The overall morbidity from brain diseases globally is greater than that of heart disease and cancer combined.”

- Guy Rouleau, Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill


A history of neuroscience excellence

Since Wilder Penfield established the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill has been a neurosciences powerhouse. Here are just some of our recent discoveries:

Aging and memory

Elderly woman

“As it stands now, we have to wait until people are showing symptoms like memory loss and clinical dementia. This means we are diagnosing Alzheimer’s when it’s been present in the brain for as long as 20 years.”
- Prof. Howard Chertkow


Mental illness and addiction

Youth sitting under a bridge

“What we have in psychiatry is an unacceptable approach to diagnosis and to understanding how to direct patients to particular treatments … it’s nothing more than a symptom list.”
- Prof. Michael Meaney




















Woman with headache

“Pain research is still in its infancy, because of its complexity…I envisage that in five to ten years, basic discoveries and clinical trials will really start to benefit ordinary people.”
- Prof. Luda Diatchenko














Mapping the brain

Brain diagram

“Many childhood disorders result from abnormal ‘wiring’ in the brain during development. If we are to achieve meaningful diagnosis, prognosis and intervention, we need to detect faulty brain wiring patterns early in life.”
- Prof. Alan Evans




McGill neuroscience facts

  • #1 among Canadian universities in neurosciences for publication impact and for citation index (size-adjusted) -- key measures of quality
  • 270 neuroscientists work at McGill
  • 768 graduate students and 255 postdoctoral fellows study at McGill
  • 1527 peer-reviewed articles published by McGill’s 20 top neuroscientists in just 5 years
  • 38,000 citations of these articles
  • 20% of McGill’s Canada Research Chairs are in neurosciences
  • Nearly 1/3 of Vanier Graduate Scholarship holders at McGill have studied in neurosciences
  • 20,000+ downloads of Big Brain, a breakthrough 3D digital brain atlas
















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