McGill's Fall 2020 Semester

Published: 11 May 2020

McGill University, like universities worldwide, has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During these past months of uncertainty, McGill academic leadership and teaching staff have been fully dedicated to developing robust and high-quality programs and courses that will offer the needed flexibility to all its students during the Fall 2020 semester, with the objective of ensuring the least possible disruption to their educational experiences.  

As a result of these tireless efforts, McGill’s Fall semester will start as scheduled, with the University committed to delivering the exciting, high quality, equitable  educational experience for which McGill is known. To allow McGill students to begin, or continue, their academic path no matter where they are, Fall 2020 courses will be offered primarily through remote delivery platforms. 

In addition to academic excellence, the University is committed to providing the opportunities for extracurricular engagement that are hallmarks of the McGill experience. The Fall 2020 semester will give newly admitted and returning McGill undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to connect with extraordinary classmates, learn from world-renowned experts, and exchange with other curious, and brilliant minds from all around the world. 

As the situation evolves, and as public health restrictions on social gathering are lifted, the University will examine possibilities for on-campus student life and learning activities, which will respect careful safety protocols. These may include activities such as small classroom-based seminars, conferences, tutorials, workshops, or reading groups as well as various campus life and engagement activities. Keeping health and safety as its primary consideration, the University will aim to replicate virtually these activities to allow maximum participation by all.  

The coming Fall term may be different than in years past. Nonetheless, students and their families can be assured the University is planning for robust and high-quality teaching. It will be McGill just the same, with all of the academic excellence and strength of community for which the University is known. McGill is looking forward to welcoming all newly admitted and returning undergraduate and graduate students this Fall. 

More information on the fall semester is available in the Coronavirus FAQs

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