Poverty reduction, evolutionary change, and laser cutting

Published: 30Jun2022

Pac-Man carving by laser cutting. Credit: H. Borchers et al....

A blueprint for life forms on Mars?

Published: 21Jun2022

The extremely salty, very cold, and almost oxygen-free environment under the permafrost of Lost Hammer Spring in Canada’s High Arctic is the one that most closely resembles certain areas on Mars....

Experts: Abortion banned in multiple US states just hours after Roe v Wade overturned

Published: 28Jun2022

Abortion was already illegal in multiple US states on Saturday, with bans introduced within hours of Roe v Wade being overturned, as cities erupted in protest at the landmark ruling. It came after...

Is AI good or bad for the climate? It’s complicated

Published: 28Jun2022

As the world fights climate change, will the increasingly widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) be a help or a hindrance? In a paper published this week in Nature Climate Change, a team of...

$4.95 million to make cities smarter

Published: 5Jul2021

A smart city—supported by digital solutions to enhance food access and mobility—is a healthy city. That’s the thinking behind the Implementing Smart Cities Interventions to Build Healthy Cities ...

$26.5 million for McGill Research from NSERC Discovery Research Programs

Published: 23Jun2022

Asked to list the most earthquake prone countries, few people would earmark Canada. Yet, in 2021, Natural Resources Canada identified 46 earthquakes, which registered between 1.8 and 5.3 magnitude...

Curbing Online Harms | CBC Radio

Published: 23Jun2022

June 20, 2022 | With the Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression's new report hot off the press, Commission co-chair and Max Bell School professor Taylor Owen sat down for an interview with...

After a hundred days of war, the West is losing interest in Ukraine | The Line

Published: 23Jun2022

June 6, 2022 | With Russia's illegal war in Ukraine now well past the hundred day mark, Western interest is waning—despite the fact that Ukraine's people and territorial integrity are far from safe...

Expert: Canadians seeking closure are finally holding funerals delayed by COVID-19

Published: 22Jun2022

The mandates may be lifted, but COVID-19 continues to shape how families across Canada mourn. Funeral directors say the COVID-19 pandemic has so altered what it means to mourn that it might be a...


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