Experts: COVID-19

Published: 24Nov2020

Quebec officials are correcting their message about the so-called ‘moral contract’ that loosens COVID-19 restrictions over the Christmas holidays. Premier Francois Legault is now making it clear...

Order of Canada is bestowed on Dr. Guy Rouleau

Published: 27Nov2020

Doctor has dedicated his life to improve diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders...

Ice sheets on the move: how north and south poles connect

Published: 25Nov2020

Over the past 40,000 years, ice sheets thousands of kilometres apart have influenced one another through sea level changes, according to research published today in Nature. New modelling of ice...

Experts: Black Friday and holiday shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published: 24Nov2020

In normal times, the holiday shopping season is when retailers and other businesses can make the money they need to survive leaner months. But with lockdowns being implemented in parts of the...

After looming so large in Washington, Donald Trump has shrunk into a small, petty man | The Globe and Mail

Published: 23Nov2020

November 23, 2020 | Four years ago, when he won an upset victory to become President of the United States, Donald Trump was a powerful and intimidating force with a penchant for erratic behaviour,...

Expert: 2020 National Cyber Threat Assessment

Published: 20Nov2020

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has named China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea’s state-sponsored cyber activity as posing the “greatest strategic threats” to Canada’s critical infrastructure...

Experts: Quebec’s Plan for a Green Economy

Published: 20Nov2020

Premier François Legault announced his government's long-awaited plan to tackle climate change on Monday, November 16, after one of the main elements was revealed over the weekend: a ban on the...


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