Same-sex marriage legalization associated with reduced anti-gay bias in the U.S.

Published: 15Apr2019

A new study of evolving attitudes toward gay marriage across the U.S. suggests that state legislation has had a significant impact in reducing anti-gay bias in many parts of the country....

NPR | High Stress Drives Up Your Risk Of A Heart Attack

Published: 15Apr2019

"Over the long term, repeated, persistent [stress] responses will activate the immune system and contribute to inflammation," says Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin, a physician and professor of medicine at...

Celebrity fat shaming has ripple effects on women’s implicit anti-fat attitudes

Published: 15Apr2019

Celebrities, particularly female celebrities, are routinely criticized about their appearance—indeed, celebrity “fat-shaming” is a fairly regular pop-cultural phenomenon. Although we might assume...

Decision about Redmen name

Published: 12Apr2019

Principal Suzanne Fortier has announced her decision regarding the name of McGill’s men’s varsity sports teams. Read her statement...

The Canada-U.S. Relationship: Past and Future


The United States and Canada have one of the largest trade relationships in the world./maxbellschoolCategory: Public lectures and conferences Public outreach Public lectures

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC | First-ever picture of a black hole unveiled

Published: 11Apr2019

“It seems like they are just as good at pushing material away—jets, winds, and outflows—as they are at collecting material,” says Daryl Haggard of McGill University, noting that scientists really...

Debunking carbon tax myths | Financial Post

Published: 10Apr2019

APRIL 5, 2019 | With the federal carbon tax coming in to the four provinces in Canada, how will it affect small businesses? Is the carbon tax constitutional?  Chris Ragan, economist and director of...