Minimum Stipend


Minimum Stipend

Overview: Full-time MSc-Thesis and PhD graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will receive funding to support for their living expenses, tuition and fees. A student’s funding may come from a combination of sources including, but not limited to, the supervisor’s research funds, Graduate Excellence Funds, Differential Fee Waivers, and scholarships awarded to the student. Travel and presentation awards do not contribute to the minimum funding package.

FileStipend Calculations Matrix

M.Sc. students: The minimum stipend levels are outlined below:

2023-2024 MSc Student Minimum Funding

Living Allowance $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183
Tuition/Fees/Insurance* $5,191 $5,368 $11,361 $8,453 $22,851 $14,541
Minimum total funding $26,374 $26,551 $32,544 $29,636 $44,034 $35,724
Tuition Support from MIMM Department $0 $177 $6,170 $3,262 $17,660 $9,350
Supervisor Stipend Amount $26,374 $26,374 $26,374 $26,374 $26,374 $26,374

Ph.D. students: The minimum funding levels are outlined below:

2023-2024 PhD Student Minimum Funding

  PhD 1-4 CDN PhD 5-7 CDN PhD 1-4 INTL PhD 5-7 INTL
Living Allowance $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183
Tuition/Fees/Insurance* $5,191 $4,399 $20,811 $5,067
Minimum total funding $26,374 $25,582 $41,994 $26,250
Tuition Support from MIMM Department $0 $0 $15,620 $0
Supervisor Stipend Amount $26,374 $25,582 $26,374 $26,250

QC = Quebec; OOP = out of province Canadians/Permanent Residents, INTL = international; CDN = Canadians/ Permanent Residents.

A higher contribution to the stipend can be provided by the supervisor considering the excellence/potential of the newly recruited student or the progress of the student into the graduate program. 

Tuition, fees and insurance calculated as per McGill’s fee calculator and expected to increase by 2-4% annually. MSc2 tuition calculated based on a September 2021 start date (i.e. 1 residency term and 2 additional session terms (Winter and Summer). PhD tuition and fees calculated based on a September start date. For students with January start dates, their fee schedule in PhD5 will be a hybrid of PhD4/PhD5.

For additional information about internal funding available through the University, students can also consult the Graduate Fellowships and Awards calendar.

Supplemental funding in recognition of scholarship awards: 

  1. Awards <$35,000: All recipients of internal or external awards are to be provided a supplement to the total funding package that is not less than 10% the value of their award.
  2. Awards >$35,001: A minimum 10% supplement to the funding package is at the discretion of the supervisor/program. Out-of-province and international tuition/fee/insurance differentials should continue to be provided.

For information regarding McGill tuition and associated fees, visit Student Accounts. You may also consult this link to help you calculate your expenses.

Stipend during Thesis writing:

It is recommended that the minimum yearly stipend is provided until the initial thesis submission given that students are still active in the lab.

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