Departmental Fellowships

Departmental Fellowships

The Department of Microbiology & Immunology receives an allocation from the Faculty of Medicine for Graduate Excellence Fellowships (GEFs). The MIMM Department also receives endowments bequeathed to McGill University by the late Dr. Francis Charles Harrison (1870-1952) and the late Dr. Jacob Rozanis.  Dr. Rozanis received his Ph.D. at McGill in 1967.  These funds are to be used for graduate student fellowships.

To apply, please complete the form and send it by E-mail to the Student Affairs Administrator at grad.microimm [at]

Microsoft Office document iconDepartmental Fellowship Form


Departmental fellowships are top-ups and cannot be used to decrease the minimum contribution from the supervisor to the stipend. They are given in full to the student.

Students will receive the award remuneration in one installment. The amount of the award will be paid via direct deposit into the student’s bank account. Students starting the program in the Winter or Summer terms will only receive the award in the following Fall term.

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