VP-Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences Awards of Excellence


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The VP-Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences Awards of Excellence applaud the outstanding contributions of permanent administrative support staff and technicians from across the Faculty and its schools.

They recognize distinction, hard work, determination and dedication of Faculty  classified as Clerical (C), Technical (T) or Management (M) with three awards:

The Anne McCormick Award – M classification

The Pamela Chase Award – C classification

The Priyabrata “PB” Mukhopadhyay Award – T classification

Award winners are selected based on performance that goes above and beyond the call of duty. It includes dedication, creative problem-solving, initiative, motivation and the contribution to overall morale.

In 2008, two new awards were added: The Pamela Chase Award and the Priyabrata "PB" Mukhopadhyay Award.

Year Award Given Anne McCormick Award

Pamela Chase Award

Priyabrata “PB” Mukhopadhyay Award
2021 Diane Weidner Brandy Phillips Liliana Abruzzese
2020 Tina Daniela Russo Nadina Paraschuk Isabelle Harvey
2019 Rowshan Akhter Kazué Narita Vasiliki (Vicky) Kottis
2018 Anna Lee Thomas Mills Johanne Bourdon
2017 Jarrod Nichol Joseph Dubé Philippe Laroche
2016 Inna Roo Ross Mackay Jamie Brisebois
2014 Nicole Guedon Marianne Provost Domnica Marghescu
2013 Melissa Knock Alessandra Celani Jo-Ann Bader
2012 Vittoria Catania Rita Piccioni Julie Coursol
2011 Ilde Lepore Céline Arsenault  Cathy Hunt
2010 Margie Gabriel Thomas Leslie Anna Jimenez
2009 Pina Sorrini Annie Le Bire Stephen Nuara
2008 Frances Langton Elisa Monaco Kathleen Dickson
2007 Wendy Marshall    
2006 Maria Colonna    
2005 Joan Longo    
2004 Christine Dolden    
2003 Adele D'Amato    
2002 Hesther Barwick    
2001 Anna-Marie Henderson    
2000 Diane Telmosse    
1999 Pesel Hornstein    
1998 Maria Pacelli    


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