Student Stories from Abroad - Zuleyma C-E.

Join McGill Abroad as we take a tour around McGill's global learning opportunities. Arts student Zuleyma completed an internship with the World Food Program in Panama, and shares her highlights, insights and tips with McGill Abroad.

Panama was such a wonderful experience.

I got a breath of fresh air since I hadn't travelled in over 5 years! I was definitely nervous at first, but I ended up travelling around the country and had the chance to meet so many people from all over the world. Since Panama has a tropical climate, I got to see so many green and natural spaces, which we don't get much here in Montreal. This trip was a personal achievement of mine and it encouraged me to strive for larger goals. I'm now open for international opportunities, whereas in U1 I refused to go anywhere farther Ottawa. I remember how Antoine from the Arts Internship Office kept encouraging me to apply to international internships, and next you know I accepted the offer for the World Food Programme in Panama City!

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